Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

I have often heard tech people saying that they are good at coding/programming but they have no idea of how to build an application. It can be a software application or a website.

So here’s the story, I am writing this as I was talking to a few techies, who are employed in big companies and work on application development and full stack support. I asked them to develop an application together to project our ideas in terms of a product. They replied that it can’t be done that easily and would take a lot of time and dedication. Of Course time and dedication is important but at first why should we be afraid of even starting it. Learning became simple now and implementing as well.

In this 21st century, in the world of the internet, opting for a browser application is way better than going for an application which needs installation on your computer.

My view towards applications is that they should be user-friendly and easily accessible to everyone. Installing an application on your system takes time, effort and permissions along with proper security in mind. But if you see in reality, every individual is working on web browsers over the internet as everyone has access to the internet everywhere mobile and desktops. Most of the on-premises applications are now available on web applications and thanks to the infrastructure cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and many others.

If you are good in programming, then pick a programming language that you are comfortable with whether it is java or python or any other and go into google search and just simply type “Web Development using Python” or “Web development using Java/Javascript”. Trust me, you will get numerous results and there are many courses online that are literally free of cost. There are many online course platforms where you can learn real-time and apply your ideas right away in the form of your own product. YouTube is one of the best places to go search where many users share their knowledge. There are many institutions who share courses for free from basics to end product and these courses are in the form of playlists. Do check them out! I can also suggest you if you are looking for a specific course or technology.

All I am trying to share with you is that everything is possible easily with good commitment and interest towards your goals.

Set a goal first, then do some research on it, plan things out and then work on achieving it. Keep yourself motivated by working together as a team with like-minded people if you can’t be consistent on your own.

I will be providing more information on how to achieve your goals and the resources which will be helpful in my upcoming posts. Thank you all for visiting my post and please feel free to leave a comment and share this.